About the Project
Beyond Shangri-La is an oral history project that combines the academic knowledge needed to understand the history and the culture of Tibet, past and present, with the personal stories of Tibetans residing in Western Massachusetts.

The recordings and images here are produced by Five College students through semester-long collaborations with both permanent and temporary Tibetan and Tibetan-American residents of the Pioneer Valley.

The goal of Beyond Shangri-La is to map the Tibetan diaspora through first-person narratives to become a resource for continued learning and to preserve these stories for future generations of Tibetans, Tibetan-Americans, and students and teachers around the world.

Beyond Shangri-La is taught at Amherst College by Professor Paola Zamperini and is supported by the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations, the Center for Community Engagement, Information Technology at Amherst College, and in collaboration with the Shang Shung Institute for International Studies.