This site contains problems that I have developed for my courses in introductory Astronomy at Amherst College. Problems in basic Physics are also included. Download and use them as you wish.

These problems are suitable for:

  • an honors introductory course for non-science majors
  • an introductory course for science majors
  • a second course for non-science majors

Mathematical level: nothing beyond exponential arithmetic.

I have worked hard to create problems that go beyond the usual, and that students will find interesting. Many are quite extensive. Also included: problems involving inquiry / project-based learning and group work.

I would appreciate hearing from people who have used these exercises about students’ reactions to them, and I would appreciate suggestions about how they can be improved.

George Greenstein
Emeritus Professor of Astronomy
Amherst College


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  1. Gloria Brown Simmons says:

    Hello. I am using ASTRO2 and Stellarium. I have found the Distant Nature exercises and also interactives on the McGraw-Hill website. I also use Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Demonstration project with Wolfram CDF plug-ins. I also make use of David Spergel’s YouTube videos and his Coursera Imaging Other Earths. So far, this collection has been very useful for a one semester non-major introductory astronomy class. I am looking forward to reading your materials. Thank you for posting them.

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